Moon Hunters Coming To PS4 and Vita In 2016

Tanya Short, Creative Director at Kitfox Games, has announced that they’re working hard to complete Moon Hunters for PlayStation 4 and Playstation Vita. We’ll be doing an interview with Tanya soon, so be sure to stick around at to learn more about Moon Hunters!

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Moon Hunters Launches on PS4 in 2016, Features Old-school Cooking

Hello there! I’m Tanya Short, designer at Kitfox Games. You may remember my original post last year announcing that Moon Hunters would be coming to PS4 and PS Vita. Since then, we’ve grown the game tremendously, adding in two extra player classes, the mountain and river biomes, and most recently the cooking system. We’re on track to launch on PS4 in Spring, 2016.

Real World Time and Weather in Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon

Imagine you’re riding the bus and playing a great game on your PS Vita. The bus drives into a rain cloud, and… can that be? Now it’s raining inside the game! Later at home, thanks to the one-two punch of Cross Buy and Cloud Save, you pick up where you left off on your PS4. And when the sun sets outside your window, it becomes night in the level you were just playing! That’s what happens in our upcoming game, Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon, thanks to the positional features of PS Vita and PS4.

[Review Revisited] Rainbow Moon

This week on Review Revisited I thought I would touch on a great Strategy RPG…Rainbow Moon! This is a great game developed by eastasiasoft. It has a great story, characters, and battle system. Basically, it has all the necessary elements for building a good RPG. This is a great way to get started in the […]

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Moon Hunters Coming to PS4, PS Vita in 2015

Hi PlayStation.Blog! I’m Tanya, the lead designer of Moon Hunters. Moon Hunters is coming to PS4 and PS Vita in late 2015, all thanks to our amazing community supporting on Kickstarter. The campaign has been going even better than we hoped, and if you’re one of our backers, I really hope I can find you and give you a backer hug as soon as possible.

[PS Vita Review] Rainbow Moon

The indie role-playing hit Rainbow Moon returns for the PlayStation®Vita system with Cross-Save support and numerous updates! Explore a fascinating world and fight nasty creatures in turn-based battles. Visit towns and shop for new equipment and upgrades. Six playable characters await you in an addictive game that lasts more than 40 hours. Additional features: • [...]
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Rainbow Moon out on Vita

eastasiasoft has let us know that Rainbow Moon is finally available for the PS Vita! I reviewed the PS3 version last year, and found that it was a very rich game with a deep fighting system. Those that want to get the Vita version can buy it in one of these configurations: North America: US$ [...]
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Rainbow Moon Coming to PS Vita December 3rd

After we released Rainbow Moon on PS3 last year, one of the most common questions we received was “Are you going to make a Vita version?” Obviously we weren’t the only ones that believed Rainbow Moon would make a great experience for handheld platforms, and with demand being so high, we set about working on a Vita port almost immediately.

[PSN Review] Rainbow Moon

Cursed by his arch-rival, Baldren finds himself warped to Rainbow Moon. And to make things worse, Baldren isn’t only stranded in an unknown place; he has also opened a dimensional gate out of which troops of monsters are crawling, turning this once peaceful planet into a real hell. There’s only one thing for our brave [...]
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Pulse 7/3 Edition featuring Rainbow Moon and Zen Pinball 2

Summer is a great time to game. Open the window, turn up the volume to let everybody know what you’re playing. Another way to celebrate summer gaming is to watch this edition of PULSE which features new and upcoming releases and the annual PlayStation Store Summer Sale. Join Christina Lee for a look at Rainbow Moon — a classic looking 90′s RPG produced by the same folks who created Soldner X. For the PlayStation Vita, Zen Pinball 2 is coming soon supporting cross-play. The PS3 version supports stereoscopic 3D and is backwards compatible for those of you who’ve got the original.
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