The PlayStation Recap — Never Stop Playing Edition


Lots of news to keep track of this week, from the launch of Taco Bell’s exclusive PS Vita giveaway to first details on SSX’s PS3-only Mt. Fuji mountain, to the release of MLB 12 The Show’s first trailer. Ubisoft stopped by to give us a quick look at its PS Vita launch lineup: Michael Jackson The Experience, Asphalt: Injection, Rayman Origins, Lumines: Electronic Symphony, and Dungeon Hunter Alliance. The crew of The Tester Season 3 even released a video tour of the winner’s future workplace at Sony Santa Monica Studios.

What are you playing this weekend? Don’t forget: PS Vitas are ready and waiting for you now in eight major US cities as part of our Vita Hill social clubs. There’s no catch, no RSVP, and it’s open to everybody — just go! Most locations run from 2pm to 8pm on weekdays and Saturdays, and 2pm to 6pm on Sundays.
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