The PlayStation Recap — PS Vita Launch Edition


Crazy week! With PS Vita officially in the wild, and Mass Effect 3‘s PS3 release looming just over the horizon, my free time is destined to become scarcer than Element Zero. But for now, I’m content to best Jeff and Rey’s Super Stardust Delta scores (Casual difficulty is for sissies!), crush Lorenzo (from the Latin American Blog) in Tekken 6, and continue exploring PS Vita’s many nooks and crannies.

In other news this week, we learned how the ever-intriguing Sumioni: Demon Arts will help you master PS Vita, Evolution Studios revealed a March 6th release date for the adorable PS3 and PS Vita racer MotorStorm RC (complete with a new gameplay trailer), the PlayStation Home team revealed a way to win a trip to E3 2012, Starhawk’s multiplayer beta opened wide for all PSN users, and SCEI’s President and CEO Andy House shared his thoughts on PS Vita’s historic launch. Also, be sure to keep reading today’s Recap to see some important UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer news.
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